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Name City Phone Email Demographic Specialties Accept new students?
Ben Bagley Bountiful to Kaysville (801) 513-4184 [email protected] Ages 8+ UMNA and NFMC certified. Yes
Kristina Bancroft Bountiful (801) 425-3306 [email protected] All ages.   Yes
Suzanne Bates Bountiful (801) 510-5350 [email protected] Beginner to Advanced. Zoom or in-person. Specialize in students who now regret quitting earlier. Yes
Carol Beck Centerville (801) 698-7281 [email protected]     Yes
Valarie Beer Centerville (801) 707-3606 [email protected] Intermediate and Advanced students, including any adult students of any level. Holds Master's degree in Piano Performance. Yes
Stephanie Billings Bountiful (509) 216-3778 [email protected] All ages. Special needs individuals. Holds a degree in Music. Yes
Lenora Ford Brown Bountiful (801) 635-9912 [email protected] Intermediate and advanced students. Professor Emerita, U of U School of Music Yes
Stacy Bryce   (801) 707-8465 [email protected]     Yes
Amber Burningham Farmington (801) 652-4779 [email protected] Beginning to intermediate.   Yes
Mary Ann Carr North Salt Lake (850) 570-1588 [email protected] Beginning to intermediate.   Yes
Susan Cheney Bountiful (801) 295-4396 [email protected] All levels.   Yes
Linda Clement Bountiful (801) 295-0546        
Mallory Cleverly Woods Cross (801) 336-8633 [email protected] Children. Beginning to beginning Intermediate. Yes
Kayleen Feil Bountiful (801) 649-8994 [email protected] All ages, beginning to intermediate. www.kayleenfeil.wixsite.com/piano Yes
Wendy Fischer Centerville (801) 298-5340   Ages 5 to 18. Composition, music apprec, making learning fun. Yes
Shelby Fisher West Bountiful (801) 390-4681 [email protected] Beginning to middle grade.   Yes
Aarron Foster Bountiful (mobile) (801) 717-0054 [email protected] Beginning to advanced. Mobile teacher. Yes
Lynette Freeze Bountiful (801) 721-5524 [email protected] Beginning to late intermediate, ages 4+. Group/individual lessons, all genres, improvisation and composition. Yes
Christy Gibson Centerville (801) 413-8164 [email protected] All ages welcome. Beginning piano. Yes
Barbara Gill North Salt Lake (801) 503-8189     www.gillpianostudio.com Yes
Nancy Glazier Bountiful/North Salt Lake (602) 692-8562 [email protected] 8 yrs.+ Beginning to intermediate. Yes


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