Past Events at Bountiful Music



Summer Ukulele Classes

  During the summer, we typically hold group ukulele classes for kids at our store. Classes of 6-10 kids learn the basics of ukulele playing, how to hold and tune a ukulele, and they learn several songs they can play. Classes are two weeks long, Monday - Wednesday - Friday each week.  



Choral Workshops

  Twice per year, we hold a choral workshop with Jackman Music. 15-25 pieces appropriate for church services are showcased by singing through them as a group. It is always a fun evening and a great way to get-to-know new choral music.  



Teacher Workshops

  We will periodically hold events and workshops for teachers to improve their teaching techniques. We post these events on our website, in the store, and on our Facebook page.  






Good Things Utah


Bountiful Music was featured on "Good Things Utah" on Monday, February 8, 2021! Check it out here:




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