Instrument Rentals


We are a proud associate of the best rental program in Utah, Bert Murdock Music. Bert Murdock offers low prices for high quality instruments. The rental program is very flexible and family friendly. Stop by to rent the perfect band or orchestra instrument for your student!


Bountiful Music   (801) 292-1804

Bert Murdock Music   (801) 225-7922






Additional information about Bert Murdock's rental program can be found here.



Rent vs. Buy


Should I rent or buy? 

Bert Murdock music has been supporting Utah's music programs since 1975!  Murdock's rent-to-own program is designed to allow parents the options and flexibility of a low monthly payment while maintaining the ability to purchase or end your rental at any time.

Benefits of our rent-to-own program:
  • Affordable monthly payments - as low as $20 per month!
  • Rent-to-own, until you own it or return it - it's up to you.
  • Interest free payment option on ALL rental instruments.
  • No long term contracts.
  • No hidden service or rental fees.
  • No penalties for switching instruments, moving to a larger size of instrument, or upgrading.
  • Cases and pertinent accessories included.
  • Repair and replacement plans available.  Keep your instrument in top playing condition.
  • Convenient service - rent online or visit us in the store.
  • Secure credit card payments.



Do you have an instrument in need of repair? 

We don't do major instrument repairs on site - but we have a shop where we send repairs. They are very competent and reasonable, and most of the time can get the instrument back quickly. Bring your instrument in to us and we'll take care of the rest. The repair shop will give us an estimate on what the instrument will cost to repair, and we will pass that information along to you and get your permission before moving forward with repairs. If you decide not to get the instrument repaired at that time, there is no obligation on your part and we'll get your instrument back to you.



365 N. Main Street     Bountiful, Utah  84010     (801) 292-1804