My First Guitar Book by Mike Christiasen

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My First Guitar Book by Mike Christiansen

Revolutionary is a term that is often used too casually, but in the case of describing My First Guitar Book - a guitar method written by Mike Christiansen for young students - revolutionary is an accurate description. This method employs colors in linking finger placement on strings to chords, tablature, and standard notation.

The repertoire is fun, exciting, and hip. Any teacher who looks at this method will immediately notice the innovative concept and sequence. It is the perfect primer for any beginning method and sets the stage in the most positive way for continued study of the instrument.

After completing My First Guitar Book, the student will know nine chords and numerous strum patterns. Additionally, students will be taught the notes on four strings, how to read tablature and standard notation, as well as how to count basic rhythms.

Mike Christiansen has authored or co-authored over forty books. Christiansen developed this new concept when giving private lessons to his grandson, Beck. By combining the material from Beck's lessons and his years of experience from teaching university-level courses in guitar pedagogy, birth was given to this groundbreaking text.

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