Copyright Information





4 Simple Rules of Copyrights

1. Don't Make Copies

Do not make copies of copyrighted music for your accompanist or choir. Instead, purchase the exact number of copies you need. Also, be sure to never post copyrighted music online.

2. Just Ask Permission

If you ever find yourself asking "I wonder if I need to get permission to print these lyrics?" or "I wonder if I need permission to send this song via e-mail?" Just ask permission. Perhaps you've wanted to make an arrangement of a copyrighted piece? Just make sure to get permission first.

3. Destroy Old Copies

If you find illegal copies of music, please be sure to destroy them.

4. Support Music Arts by Acquiring Music the Legal Way

We know that the vast majority of people are striving to live honest lives. We thank you for your honesty, integrity, and for legally purchasing music.





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