Hymnplicity Ward Choir, Book 7

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Hymnplicity Ward Choir - Book 7

Eight beautiful hymn settings for choir, each ready to perform in ten minutes—the choir uses only the LDS Hymn book. Simple "Road Map" pages, which may be photocopied, instruct the choir's use of the hymn book. The conductor and the pianist work directly from the score, guiding the voices through piano interludes and key changes not written in their hymnals. Two copies are needed for performance. 

Hymns in this book include:

  • Children of Our Heavenly Father
  • Come Ye Children of the Lord
  • Home Can Be a Heaven On Earth
  • I Am a Child of God
  • Love at Home
  • Oh, What Songs of the Heart
  • Press Forward Saints
  • Teach Me to Walk in the Light 

Composer: Various

Arranger: Brent Jorgensen

Difficulty: Medium-easy / medium acc.

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